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Business Continuity


“Because of their business continuity plan, Jan and Ted’s antique store was only closed for two days after it was flooded.”

The Facility Management Journal defines business continuity planning as “the process that defines the procedures employed to ensure timely and orderly resumption of an organization’s business cycle through its ability to execute plans with minimal or no interruption to time-sensitive business or service operations.”

Our Business Continuity experts can evaluate your existing disaster recovery plan and provide you with a risk assessment and gap analysis report that clearly outlines areas that need attention. We can also provide you with an accurate Business Continuity Plan specifically for your business.

A well thought out business continuity plan can mean the difference between your business’ survival and failure in the event of a crisis.

Data Recovery Ottawa can provide you with a detailed plan so you can implement it yourself, or a full disaster recovery services including a Hot Site that mirrors your office or internet environment without the loss of data and down time!

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