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Data Destruction

Data Destruction and Declassification

Personal Information Protection & Electronic Document Act (PIDEDA) is not just for government organizations and departments!
Data Recovery Ottawa can help bring you into compliance.

  • (US Department of Defense clearing and sanitizing standard DoD 5220.22-M)
  • Hard Drive and Dat Tape degaussing(Caution: Hard Drive Degaussing will erase all information from hard drives including the control track information rendering the hard drive unusable.)
  • Hard Drive and Platter Destruction
  • CDROM and DVD Shredding, Perforation, and Declassifying
  • Floppy Disk Shredding
  • Video Cassettes Shredding
  • Carbon Tapes Shredding
  • Electronic Circuit Boards Shredding
  • DAT Cassette Shredding
  • Paper File Shredding
  • Credit, Debit, and Calling Card Shredding

Even if your Hard Drive breaks down- the storage platters still contain information which can be read after repair. To avoid confidential information being potentially read by third parties, we can sanitize, degauss, or destroy the hard drive, permanently erasing data & rendering it useless.

Degaussing of any magnetic media, including VHS Tapes, Reels up to 16″ thick, and hard drives.
Note on CCTV TAPES: Re-use of tapes without erasing them can lead to poor quality reproduction on playback. In addition, new regulations being written relating to the use of CCTV Video Recordings, state it must first be proven that the video tape has been completely erased before re-use if it is to be submitted for recognition or evidence.

Data Recovery Ottawa provides a certificate of destruction with each destruction for your audit records.

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