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Internet Security

We keep Hijackers, Hackers and Viruses OUT!

InSight Data Recovery Ottawa Home and Office Internet Access configurations will make you invisible to the internet. (You can see and use the internet, but hackers can’t see you!)
Never get another virus! Our anti-virus installations and configuration will keep you safe 24/7 with automatic virus updates as threats emerge!

Home / Home Office
  • Home Firewall and Family Content Filtering keeps your children safe.
  • Home Email server provides everyone in the family with email.
  • Home networking, print, and internet connection sharing. (Wire or Secure Wireless.)
  • User computer and internet security training.
Small Business

Firewall and Content Filtering keeps your staff from being distracted.
Integrity clientless security disables malicious PC processes, and enforces requirements such as updated antivirus and patches, before it grants any user access to your company’s web based systems.

Email server provides everyone in your small company with email. Even if you only have one internet account.
General networking and internet connection (proxy server) and print sharing.

Computer and internet user security training.
Secure reliable commercial internet services.

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