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Data Security – Forensic Investigations

Corporate Forensic Investigation
  • Corporate Fraud Detection
  • Intellectual Property and Trade Secret Theft Detection
  • Hard Drive Forensics
  • Auditing and Optimization; (Data Security,Internet Usage,Firewall and Website,Web Server Log Analysis and Reporting,Telecommunications Asset Management and Usage)

Our white-collar and cyber crime forensic investigations can detect restricted usage, documents, confidential and sensitive information, and much more.

Qualitative Analysis

Forensic Content Analysis is the use of language structure and predetermined linguistic indicators to determine truth or deception in written documents.

Approximately 3,000 law enforcement and intelligence agencies worldwide are currently utilizing this technique to screen applicants and conduct criminal or administrative investigations. For example, the Australian government is using this method to identify applicants who are potential security threats. They have reduced the number of security clearances granted by over 39% while increasing productivity by 15%.

In terms of pre-employment screening, we use a uniquely structured questionnaire, which enables us to determine the validity of a prospective employee’s application as well as determine the overall integrity of the individual. This method is far superior to the polygraph in that it is non-intrusive, non-threatening, less expensive, more accurate and provides information a polygraph cannot retrieve.

It’s been estimated that 30 – 40 percent of individuals lie, fabricate or otherwise embellish on their job applications.

Let InSight Data Recovery Ottawa help you avoid negligent hiring lawsuits or corporate fraud by conducting forensic document analysis on your prospective employees or executives.

Our forensic investigations team has experience working with:

  • National and International Corporations
  • Federal, Provincial, State, and Municipal law enforcement agencies and governments in Canada and the United States.
  • Other international law enforcement agencies and subcontractors.
Secure Data Storage
  • Multi-level secured facility
  • 24hr electronic and human perimeter monitoring
  • Government of Canada security cleared staff
  • Closed-circuit television surveillance with 24 x 7 recording
  • Fire suppression system
  • Secure Remote Digital Archiving
  • Secure Remote eVault
Internet Intelligence and Data Mining
  • Competitive Web Log Monitoring and Analysis
  • Internet Competitive Analysis and Intelligence
  • Strategic Visitor Analysis and Lead Generation
  • Selective Service Denial
  • Strategic Search Engine Ranking and PlacementGoogle, MSN, and Yahoo only. First Page and 1st, 2nd, 3rd place rankings.
    Note: This is not a subscription service.
    We work with your Webmaster to get you there, and ensure he has the knowledge to maintain your ranking.

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