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Telecom Security and Auditing

Protect Your Company Against Telecom Fraudsters

Stealing telecommunications is big business. Fraudsters have an established client base who are willing to pay them for their services. These Fraudsters are VERY intelligent and very patient. They know how to steal your telecommunications without drawing attention to themselves. Charges to your company creep in slowly but relentlessly. Large companies can lose more than $100 thousand per year without noticing!

Data Recovery Ottawa can help you secure your telecommunications.

Telecom Security

Intrusion Detection, Web SQL Injections, Telabuse, Fraud, PBX Remote Access …
Hacking for a living has a high success rate, pays well, and can be done in one’s pajamas. Extortionists ask for – and get -an average $160,000 per hack. These attacks work because the software most people use have vulnerabilities. It’s like owning a car, and every week there are new defects. But no one tells you what they are. Instead, you’re supposed to somehow divine them. Our telecommunications intrusion detection and internet penetration and analysis can quickly identify vulnerabilities and offer solution to solve them.
Insight Data Recovery Ottawa is the only company to ever audit the alliance of major telephone companies in Canada. Our proprietary technology was used to audit and manage their own internal telecommunications infrastructure. Our technology has been evolving for over ten years. Think of it as ten years of R&D that you can have at your disposal.

Telecom Auditing

Growth and Cost Containment.

  • There are several ways to lose control of your telecommunication infrastructure.
  • The normal churn of telecom staff can, over time, allow resources to go astray.
  • A corporate retrenching or downsizing can leave recurring fees accumulate.
  • A merger with another company can be the worst offender, leaving you responsible for asset that are, in many cases, not yours. It has been our experience that migration of telecom assets from one company to another is the most costly error service providers create

A Data InSIght telecommunications audit will detect it, correct it, and leave you with the tools you need to manage and maintain your local, national, or global infrastructure.

Billing Auditing and Analysis

The RCMP and FBI strongly recommend you verify every charged item on yourphone bill to avoid Fraud.
Our past experience has revealed the following statistics;

  • 7 out of 10 companies are paying too much for their Telecom Services.
  • 22% or more of your business calls are not for business purposes.
  • Approximately 10% of Wireless Devices and Home Lines go astray while continuing to incur recurring monthly charges.
  • Large organizations are frequent targets of theft for wireless and Internet usage.
  • Corporate telecommunications is the 3rd or 4th largest internal expense and growing.

Data Recovery Ottawa have had excellent successes in recovering and reducing costs for our clients. With our extensive experience in Telecom billing and our proprietary audit systems we are in a unique position to manage and correct carrier billings, reduce telecom expenses, and recover overpayments from fraud, theft, misuse, abuse, misapplied tariffs, detecting cloned cellular or wireless phones, and other common and not so common billing errors.

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